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Paragliding Course Details


Pay Per Day 

Cost £250 per day

You will need approximately 8 days training. This does not have to be all at once and can be Spread over a 12 month period..

 It will get you to Club Pilot level.

Course does not include BHPA Membership.

 £200 per year or £30 per day.  


Full Course Special Offer

You know you like paragliding so Learn to fly in approx 8 days to reach Club Pilot..

This again does not have to be done all at once & can be spread over a 12 month period.

Price £2000 but with the bonus you get a £500 voucher to spend off Paragliding equipment.

(min spend on equipment £2500 and does not include sale or reduced items)     

Course does not include BHPA Membership 

£200 per year or £30 per day.

See the link to our partners shop and all the equipment we can supply and then order through me.


You are now Club Pilot which is a recognised BHPA (British Hang Gliding and Paragliding) Qualification allowing you to fly Solo.

For all specific details and information please call Mark on 07703979149 and I will gladly go through it all with you over the phone or meet up for a coffee. 

Day Rate Options
-If you need the odd training day.
-Guiding in the area.
-Refresher to get back up to scratch.
-Holiday preparation.
-Ground handling day. 
-Paramotor training (need your own equipment)
-Pay per day training, but you need to join the BHPA as an annual member cost £200 per year or £30 per day.

Full Course to Club Pilot
-8 Days training
-From Beginner to Club Pilot.
-£500 voucher off paragliding equipment.
-Does not include BHPA membership £200 per year or £30 per day.

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