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Beyond E​xtreme is the UK's leading BHPA (British Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association) registered Paragliding school run by Mark Dann, a paragliding instructor, surfer, climber, ski and snowboarder instructor with over thirty five years experience as a instructor in the UK, California, South Africa and all over Europe.

Mark Dann

Paragliding/ski instructor, climber, surfer and snowboarder 

  • Mark has been featured twice on BBC's Countryfile along with many other TV appearances and is the winner of a Royal Aero Award for Instructing presented by HRH The Duke of York. 

  • Mark has also represented Great Britain for paragliding on a number of occasions.

  • Organised the first British Paragliding Expedition, flying off Aconcagua (one of the seven summits) with Climbing Legend and friend Simon Yates from Touching the Void. 

  • Mark has set up new flying sites in Scotland closely working with the Forestry Commission and local land owners. Come and fly new sites like Point Break, Roadhouse and Red Dawn all named in the memory of Patrick Swayze a close friend in the past.

  •  Mark has also been responsible for setting up the Swayze foundation in the UK.

"The Swayze Way"

"Swayze Style"


Please Telephone Mark +44 (0)7703979149

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